This site is dedicated to celebrating the life of Conchita, Chita, Connie, Ma, Mama, Mommy, Grandma, Grandma Chita, Aunt Connie, Honey, Sweetie, Big "C"

She left this life peacefully at home Wednesday September 10th, 2014 at the age of 93.

A lifelong resident of Tampa, she is second generation American and the second child born to Angela Elvira Escalante-Vega (Tampa) and Ramon Longo-Vega (Arriondas, Spain),

She is Granddaughter of Jose Antonio Escalante de Llagares (Ribadesella,Oviedo,Spain) and Aurora Ybanez (Cuba). On her mothers side, she is the Grandniece of Manuel and Francisco Escalante de Llagares, who together with Jose founded La Corina Cigar, establishing factories in Tampa and New Orleans with offices based out of Chicago.

Her Grand Aunts & Uncles: Maria Escalante-Martinez and her husband Manuel (both deceased) and Delores Escalante-Quesada and her husband Jose (both deceased). Manuel Vega and his wife Angelina (both deceased).

Aunts and Uncles: Joseph Ishmal Escalante (deceased) and his former wife Carmen Adams (California), Matillina “Madalyn” Escalante-Sierra-Dick (deceased), Beaulah Escalante-de la Torre-Groff (deceased), Emillia Escalante-Villanueva and her husband Francisco (both deceased), Asuncion Escalante (deceased), Urbano Escalante (deceased), Armando and Paquita Escalante(both deceased), Cesar "Rene" Escalante (deceased), Jose Quesada-Escalante (deceased), Amelia Escalante-Gonzalez and her husband Horace (both deceased), Julia Escalante-Cigarran and her husband Jerry (both deceased)

Born in 1921, Eileen Conchita Vega was brought up with her big brother Carlos "Carl" Escalante Vega (deceased) and little sister Martha Vega-Boyles (Tampa) in Palmetto Beach at the height of Ybor City’s glory days. It was an exciting childhood and Conchita loved to dance and dance she did along with her brother Carl after the Sunday matinee at the Centro Espanol. To the delight of the audience they danced the "Tango" and the "Appache", a French dance which usually ended up with a fight after the curtain fell. The dance required Carl to throw her down and drag her off the stage by her hair. According to little sister Marti he was a touch too authentic at times!

The family was a musical family and a formidable group, like many other immigrants, the Escalante-Vega's were a driving force in the development of both Ybor City and Palmetto Beach.

The saying goes that behind every great man is a great woman, it is quiet true in this case. Widely known as Mrs. Horner, she shares eternal peace with her loving husband Kenneth “Jack” Horner (Tampa ). She was a wonderful homemaker and her skills (especially culinary), kept the family thriving; giving Jack the freedom required to build a successful business.

NuAir Manufacturing contributed to the economy of Florida for 62 years, a great source of pride and accomplishment for both of them. September 26th, 2014 marked the 60th anniversary of their marriage.

This marriage produced strong family ties on both sides that have spanned their lifetime; Mother-in-Law Jeanne Poisson-Horner (deceased), Sister-in-Law Carmen Horner-Albritton (deceased),Brothers-in-Law James Lloyd Boyles (deceased) and Harrison Horner (deceased), Sisters-in-Law Ellen Horner (New Orleans) and Patricia Vega (deceased), Aunt Julienne Poisson-Rouquette (deceased), Sandy and Jules Rouquette (deceased), Julia and Chester Rouquette (deceased), Blanche Rouquette-Dieudonne (Texas) and husband Frank (deceased),Yvonne and Eddie Rouquette (deceased).

Her greatest role of all was that of mother, her children are; James Doss Livingston III "Cookie" (Alabama), Joyce Livingston-McGee "JaDee" (deceased). Ramon DeWitt Horner, sr. "Ray" (deceased), Conchita Elaine Horner, Jr."Connie" (Tampa). Daughters-in-law, Sue Livingston-Gore (Ronnie) and Marilyn Horner-Bozak (Robert).

Like all Latin women, she loved family and her joy extended to the role of Aunt to, Edward “Ed” Lea ( deceased), Jerri-Lynn Boyles-Munger (Steve),Carlos "KiKi" Vega and his sister LeVeda, Kathleen Lea-Skaar (Anders) and Lucetta Lea (Tampa).

She delighted in being a “Grand”, her Grandchildren are, Kimberly Rae-McGee (missing), Tracy Livingston-Bozzetti ( Dominick), Ramon Tyler McGee, Kenneth Charles "K.C." Horner (Courtney), Ramon DeWitt Horner,Jr. (Natalie), Eric Douglas Horner (Danielle).

Grand Nieces and Nephews: Michael Munger (Erica), David Lea (Melainie), Brigitte Huling (John), Christine Skaar-Hand (Scott), John Skaar (Lauren) and always sweet Carmen Lea.

She cherished her “Great-Grands” the Great Grandchildren are: Hunter and Avery Bozzetti, "Trip" (Ramon DeWitt Horner III), Payton McKensie, Trenton Allen, Avery Suzanne,Traye Kenneth and the newest Syliva Rose...all little Horners.

Great-Grand Nieces & Nephews are: Evelyn Sloan Munger and her new little sister Celine Grace (born 2015),  Hannah, Sadie Anne, Seth and Rachel Huling, Evelyn Skaar, Joelle and Helen Hand, Annabelle, Simon and Caleb Lea.

Connie would giggle like a schoolgirl whenever she was chatting with her cousins Tanya de la Torre-Alderman (Sun City), Bette Williams (deceased) or lifelong friend Lidia Sanchez-Monez (Tampa).

Other notable people in her life that she loved dearly cousins Orlando Vega (deceased) and his wife Lorraine (Apollo Beach), Gayle Groff-Loggins (New Britain, CT), Nora Jeanne Escalante-Keele(California) and her 2nd cousin (Amelias daughter), Carmen Ann Gonzalez-Alonso (deceased) and husband Kenneth (Texas).

Extended loved ones through marriage include; Mike, Nancy, Alexa and Spencer Rose, Chuck, Rhonda and Austin Rose, Sue and John Garvey, Melissa and Pete Young, Brandy and Nick Young, Ron Young and wife Judy (both deceased), Carmen Bozak (deceased), Ray McGee (Georgia).

Lifelong friendships to note are; Mildred ("Millie") and Fred Fouts (both deceased), Bill and Edna Lang (both deceased), Lou & Bud Lang (both deceased), June and Charlie Kelly (both deceased), Arlene and Joe Russello (both deceased), Kath & Ken Spurlock (both deceased), daughters Tina and Gillian (UK), Barbara Foster- Gething (UK) and husband Pete (deceased), her daughter Ainsley Foster (UK),Jackie Alston (Tampa), Lou and Callie Fouts (St. Augustine), Lyndsy and Paul Amenta (CT), Cheri Lang-Bett and family (Tampa), Rosemarie Chambers and family (Oldsmar), Linita and Michael Calvacca (Tampa), Francis Russello-Rogal and family (Safety Harbor), Susan Spaid and family (New Orleans)

No one get's through life without some tragedy and sorrow, Conchita was no different. We've shared her most important charities on the Donation Options page of this site, any consideration given to these causes is most greatly appreciated.

In an article written referencing her grandfather Jose it said that “he was of great value and in every relationship of life he was known for his fairness, generosity and consideration for others, their feelings and points of view”, we believe the same is true of Conchita. Jose would have been proud of her.

We are too!

On behalf of the entire family, we thank everyone for all the kindnesses extended to her throughout her lifetime. We hope you will take the time to engage with this memorial and add any little story or picture or memory....For the family, it is a place to come and remember forever...

Hers was a happy life, a long life, a life well lived with a very peaceful ending...may we all be so lucky!

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